Community Involvement

At 1st Global, we aspire to be servant leaders, and have partnered with Entrepreneurs for North Texas, an organization in Dallas, Texas, that serves the local business community, helping member companies become more involved in philanthropy and service opportunities that allow both the community and the corporations to be impacted in positive ways. 1st Global employees are provided with multiple chances throughout the year to volunteer and become more actively involved in the Dallas/Fort Worth community.

Here are some recaps of recent efforts and activities to engage the North Texas Community:


1st Global hosted a holiday party for approximately 30 refugee and underprivileged children in Dallas. Our volunteers made crafts, led fun group activities, and facilitated an overall memorable experience for middle school students in the Heart House program.


In February, 1st Global showed our hearts by sending love to children at Medical City Children’s Hospital so that they may spend Valentine’s Day the way most children will. To help brighten their spirits, we made and sent homemade Valentine’s Day cards as well as donated crayons, Play-Doh, coloring books, new movies, games and toys.


North Texas Giving Day is the largest online giving day in the nation, directly impacting more than 2,000 non-profit organizations in the North Texas area. Since its creation in 2009, this online giving day has raised more than $119 million, and the majority of the donations made are less than $100. This goes to show that every little bit can make a difference.


Since the Sept. 11 attacks, the memories and feelings of America’s most tragic loss remain strong. Since that day, each year we remember those individuals who heroically and courageously continue to step up and fight for our freedom. To honor the veterans and their families and the first responders who serve and protect us, 1st Global furthered our commitment to our guiding principle of aspiring to servant leadership and took part in one of the largest 9/11 commemorative community service events in Dallas

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