Our Culture

At 1st Global, we seek to live our lives in the way we let our principles and beliefs guide our business: intentionally and by treating others and ourselves with honor and dignity. Service excellence, powered by our entrepreneurial spirit, is our foundation for providing exceptional partnership and support to our affiliated firms.

Our Principles

ASK "What if?"
We believe in asking questions and challenging assumptions about how things have always been done. Opportunities arise when we think differently.

Aspire to servant leadership.
We believe that true leaders inspire people, not by power or position, but by service. Servant leaders are humble, do not seek positional authority, yield personal rights, share responsibility and empower others to lead.

See it through.
Just like a well-crafted financial plan, we focus on the long term. We believe in following through on our commitments, regardless of the personal and professional costs, and celebrating our achievements.

Break away from the crowd.
We believe in doing things differently from our peers
to better serve our stakeholders. We encourage novel ideas, fresh perspectives and 
paradigm shifts.

Cultivate a better version of yourself.
We can always choose to be better tomorrow than we are today, and we strive to continually improve through intentional incremental growth.

Be a coach and challenger
We believe in encouraging those around us to be excellent in what they do. We work to better recognize and help ourselves and others to escape the drama roles of victim, persecutor and rescuer.

Make promises come true.
Honoring promises is at the core of our business. Whether to our partner CPAs and advisors, their clients or each other, we are dedicated to enabling all to keep the important promises they make.

Culture of Communication

Good communication is important to our success here at 1st Global. We seek to facilitate a culture of communication that enables a culture of communication that informs, encourages and inspires all stakeholders to be great to our firms, our prospects and each other. 

To accomplish this, 1st Global created Engage News, a special internal communications channel that provides announcements, updates and reminders exclusively for 1st Global employees. 

Engage News promotes educated decision making and guides us toward achieving the company’s vision and cultivates an environment that exercises collaboration. This is accomplished through relevant, timely and consistent dialogue from the top of the organization down, bottom of the organization up and across all departmental divides.

Culture of Recognition

Recognizing and sharing in each other’s successes brings us closer to each other. Throughout the company’s 25-year history, 1st Global leaders have promoted a strong culture of recognition and the company genuinely values its employees and shows its appreciation for them in many ways. 

In fact, we’re so proud of the culture here at 1st Global that we like to show it off as much as we can. This is why photos of our employees don the walls of our offices and are featured in videos like the “I am 1st Global” series. 

1st Global also hosts monthly team-wide events, called Engage Events, in order to recognize achievements, provide updates on company goals and have fun. Engage: Recognition events are quarterly employee appreciation events that are held off-site at locations like Top Golf, Pinstack and Studio Movie Grill. Engage: Connect events are smaller, in-office gatherings held each month that focus on a wide ranging of topics relevant to 1st Global employees.

1st Global values the recognition of those employees going above and beyond normal duties. An employee-nominated “employee of the quarter” is recognized at each Engage: Recognition event and all employees have the ability to give a “spot award” when a colleague does something exceptional.

Culture of Feedback

1st Global has a genuine commitment to listening and responding to employee feedback. It drives real change for our organization. Trust, accountability and fulfilling our purpose of enabling intentional living - that's what a great place to work looks like. 

1st Global partners with Culture IQ to create an ongoing process of collecting, understanding and responding to employee feedback that drives engagement, retention and success. We want to make 1st Global a “great place to work” for all of us and employee feedback helps light the way.

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